Protect your home and office computers from nasty online scams.

Beware of snoopware attacks, they are the nastiest privacy intruder, usually hard to detect, it captures keylogging and runs silently on stealth mode.

AutomateBuddy’s white labelled Anti-snoopware protection application can automatically detect and block snooping activities on the computers and safeguards banking and personal information. It is designed to dynamically update new definitions to keep your PCs protected all times.


Key Features

Real-time Monitoring

A robust snoopware detection engine with up-to-date definitions helps to real-time monitor and block potential threats to safeguard your personal and banking details.

Smart Fail-Safe Engine

It's smart and cognitive fail-safe feature can detect all types of remote snooping activities and prevent your computers from being compromised.

Robotic Troubleshooting

Remote-less system troubleshooting by BroSheild technical experts to help you fix common PC problems and optimize performance.

Suspicious Activity Alerts

Simple and robust suspicious activity tracker that blocks, reports and alerts you instantly whenever they are tracked or prevneted.

Automatic Updates

The solution is designed to update the definitions automatially to safeguard and prevent any intrusions into your privacy.

24/7 Technical Support

The technical support team works round-the-clock to help you address and solve customer queries remotely.

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