IT Monitoring Services

Take proactive measures to improve the reliability and performance of your infrastructure.

AutomateBuddy's proactive IT Monitoring Service help you to detect anomalies, failuers, issues and patterns to overcome security and down-time issues before it becomes a problem.

Systematic monitoring capabilities looks at the overall health status of your infrastructure hardware and application to provides higher reliability and uptime guarantee of your assets.

Our Offering

On-Premise Monitoring

For large enterprises, monitoring of their on-premise infrastructure is a key requirement. On-premise monitoring allows you to monitor assets that are internal to your organization.

  • Monitoring Framework Ownership
  • Customized as per business need
  • Networks, System and Storage
  • Database, Application & Infra

Distributed Monitoring

Global organizations typically have infrastructure distributed across different branch offices and data centres. A large number of assets needs to be managed and maintained.

  • Design Distributed Monitoring System
  • Nagios, Solarwinds, ManageEngine
  • in-depth expertise on OST
  • Monitoring Helpdesk

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

A cloud hosted pay-per-use solution for monitoring the entire infrastructure assets. Ideal for businesses who have simple requirement with cost effective solution.

  • Cloud based monitoring system
  • Personalized monitoring dashboard
  • Par per use model
  • Best in Class Support

Monitoring Service Features

For large enterprises, monitoring of their infrastructure is a key requirement. It allows you to monitor assets that are internal to your organization help you look at the overall health status of your infrastructure hardware and applications running on them.

Database Monitoring

Performance analysis and trends used for fine tuning the database architecture and queries.

Network Monitoring

Pro-active information about network performance bottlenecks and source of network disruption.

Storage Monitoring

Detect storage subsystem failures, failed batch processing jobs for storage and predict failures.

Application Monitoring

Track and prevent application failures before they occur to ensure smooth business operations.

Server Monitoring

Provides insights on the reliability of the server hardware, Uptime, CPU, Memory and Storage.

Cloud Monitoring

Insight on exact gs usage and performance metrics for optimizing the cloud infrastructure.

Virtual Infra Monitoring

Detects system and application failures and allows you to respond to failures immediately.

Monitoring Tools

Enables CTOs and CIOs to understand performance bottlenecks and plan for future expansions.

Technology stack we love to work on...

Monitoring Tools

  • Grafana
  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Proentheus
  • Elastic Stack
  • Data Dog

Cloud Platforms

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Alibaba
  • Google Cloud
  • Rackspace


  • AWS S3
  • AWS Dynamo
  • Document DB
  • RDS
  • Elastic Cache
  • Data Lake
  • Blob Storage
  • Cosmos
  • SQL
  • Clients
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic
  • Mongo DC
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Oracle