Digitize and secure the visitor management process while being an attentive host.

Improve compliance, service resilience and management of security processes and procedures to ensure safety and security of people in the building.

SecuredPass is designed to secure your premises from intruders through pre-registration process and ensure safety and security of the people by credentialising visitors. It can help you prioritize people and allow easy access with digital visitor pass to improve fast check-in and check-out.


Solution Components

Employee Portal

Allows employees to create new visitor request and choose meeting rooms based on availability and get notified when the visitor enters or exists the premises.

Gatekeeper App

The gatekeeper tablet app helps to scan and validate the incoming visitors with pre-registered pass for fast checkin process and review accompanies and declarations.

Admin Portal

Allows the admin team to real-time track the visitor dashboard of their branch / premises and approve / reject meeting rooms access request and configure system behaviour.

Pre-Registration Form

Pre-registration form are sent to visitors through employee portal. Visitors can submit their details, create accompanies and fill the Visitor declaration form to save time during check-in.

Self-Help Kiosk

Businesses can also leverage the Self-Help kiosk to allow their user to self-register, capture and upload their photos and can also validate their pre-registered passes to quickly check-in.


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