Case Study

Collections & Receivable

Intelligent Account Distribution System to improve vendor efficiency and achieve greater financial results.


Client wanted to implement a system driven automated account distribution technology to manage the overall collection lifecycle process. They needed control over how and on what parameters the account can be distributed among vendors and optimize the revenue with process transparency.

A dynamic account distribution and agency management system to extend the existing solution capabilities of the collection and receivable process.

The system should be capable of distributing accounts based on various parameters related to debtors and agencies which can be defined dynamically.

At the customer level, the accounts need to be distributed based on geographic location of the debtor, total account value, age, gender, first name / last name, services they utilized and so on...

At the agency level, the accounts need to be further split based on agency commission percentage, the portfolio or channel they support, their capacity and so on.

The system needs to be modular for it be either deployed as an independent solution or integrated with any 3rd party collections system.

Every single activity performed by the system users needs to be captured and logged for auditing purpose.

Building the distribution logic to support complex parameters like, shortlisting accounts based on first 3 characters of the customer first name or last name without impacting the performance.

Making the system industry agnostic to support any verticals like Telecom, Healthcare, and Utility.

Maintaining the performance of the distribution engine to ensure account are assigned and reassigned flawlessly.

Implementing complex UI design to support various parameters of the distribution rule builder logics.

Developed a robust and enterprise class account distribution and agency management system to dynamically control the end-to-end account distribution process.

Developed a robust and enterprise class account distribution and agency management system to dynamically control the end-to-end account distribution process.

The solution is designed to distribute both the new account assignment, recalls and reassign to other qualified agencies based on user defined rules.

Delivered a truly world-class rule builder module that allows users to write complex rules based on various permutation combination covering customer info and agency profile.

Dynamic report builder module allows the users to extract report on the fly, save report templates and reuse them for other activities.

Systems ability to generate SQL DB queries on the fly that can be reviewed from the web interface and allow users to perform live test to validated the desired outcome.

Ability to design the incoming and outcoming file template structure and automatically track / perform the file validations for all the activities.

Generate new assignment files for each of the vendors, place them automatically on the shared SFTP folder and notify the agency stakeholders.

Every single activity performed by the users are tracked and logged to support the system audit process.

A powerful dashboard to real-time track the ongoing system activities, long running rules, files created, files received and processed.

Delivered a WOW moment for the partner, client and system users that was able to truly transforms the account distribution and agency management process.

The core system capabilities helped the client to get rid of human driven process into fully automated distribution process.

Advanced report builder saved huge amount of time for the stakeholder where they could generate reports on the fly.

A well-thought-out advanced system that covers all the aspect of user expectations that covers what each user group wants and expects out of the system.

Highly flexible, stable and scalable system that can accommodate any industry vertical, customer and portfolio size.

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