Electronic Product Development

Design & Manufacture your hardwares and electronic products

We understand that the product readiness and preparation directly impact the success of project - AutomateBuddy is well-positioned to takeoff your idea to achieve mass production goals.


Our Approach

Idea / Concpet Design

Confirm pain points, build block diagrams, design wireframes and outline drawings and feasibility testing.

Create PoC / Prototype

Create a working prototype, development kits, implement open source softwares and 3D printing the models.

Engineering Validation Test

Develop schematic design, PCB Design, Software Development, ID drawing and design review.

Design Validation Test

Create production line setup, perform tooling, fixing PCB layouts, certification testing and reliability testing.

Production Validation Test

Fix production defects, test fixture verification, review and verify design test results and prepare for production.

Mass Production

Fatal Bug fixes, Molding and fixture disposal plans, End of life spare parts mgmt, build user manuals and roll out.

Rapid Prototyping with 3D printed models and parts

Design, test and produce 3d modelled snap fit assemblies and parts that are strong and lightweight for your ambitious products to deliver new capabilities.

AutomateBuddy’s in-house 3D printing lab can help you achieve production grade parts for batch production with functional testing and rapid prototyping.


Partner with us to take up any business challenge.

Get the mental and tactical agility to flex your muscles for digital, financial and process transformation through cutting-edge automation capabilities.