Tailored security & compliance strategies to protect your business from sophisticated threats.

AutomateBuddy offers InfoSec consulting to help you assess. test and improve the protection of your applications and networks.

Our InfoSec subject matter experts have over 15+ years of experience in helping large corporates and Banks for planning and implementing security and compliance strategies to safe-guard from internal and external threats. - Let’s work together to develop a tailor-made approach using industry best practises and tools.

Security Service Offering

Managed Security Service

Businesses today aspires for better control over cyber security threats, operational efficiency while minimizing cost – AutomateBuddy implements security platforms, deploy processes, and assigns subject matter experts with flexible delivery model.

Regulatory Assessments

Over 15+ years of InfoSec domain experience, AutomateBuddy brings a deep knowledge and understanding of compliance trends and functionality across industry vertical. We provide regulatory compliance assessments with detailed analysis to reduce associated risks.

Application Security

Not following the application coding standard can put the business at risk and result into data breach. AutomateBuddy professional skills and ability to assess and test the security of your business-critical application to help you achieve effective data protection.

Network Security

Implementing an effective Network Security is essential for businesses to minimize the risks of Man in the middle attack, theft of intellectual information, DDoS attack and spoofing. AutomateBuddy will help you apply multi-layer defence to protect your network infrastructure.

Our Audit Capabilities

IT Security Audits

Uncover security loopholes in the components of our IT environments.

Compliance Testing

Ensure your compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations and standards.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify, quantifies and prioritize network security weaknesses.

Penetration Testing

Validates existing security measures and provide remediation roadmap.

Stress Testing

Testing for operational capacity using Siege and Apache JMeter

Technology Stack

Anti-Snoopware protection system for home & office computers.

BroSheild can automatically detect and block snooping activities on your computer. Its a simple & powerful protection to safeguard your banking and personal information.