Database Management Service

Protect, Monitor & Maintain your data with Database Management Service

AutomateBuddy’s provides world-class professional Database Management Service to solve complex problems related to database design architecture, integration, maintenance, monitoring, optimization and upgrade.

Dedicated teams with 24/7 support to help you plan, implement and manage your on-prem or cloud databases - Our in-depth understanding and experience of databases makes us the preferred choice for our clients in managing their complex and massive data intensive projects. Our proactive monitoring process includes detecting potential issues before they become critical and impact your operations.

Our Service Benefits

Database Administration

Resource Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Server Tuning, Patch Management, Job Management, SIS Packages

Performance Tuning

Automated Indexing of tables and views, Long running queries, Query Optimization, Compression

Health Checkup

Resource Intensice Queries, Defragmentation, iops, CPU / RAM / HDD space management

Backup & Recovery

FUll data backup and restore, incremental backups, automated process and monitoring

Database Security

Manage and monitor Data in-trasit and data-atrest, Permission and User Management, Data Encryption

SLA Driven Support

SLA based 24/7 Expert Support with monthly and quarterly reviews and reporting.


Database Technology Expertise

  • Clients
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic
  • Mongo DC
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Oracle

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