Scale your online business with a fresh and modern ecommerce platform.

Whether you have an online business startup idea or you are an established business, FreshPOS ecommerce platform can help you achieve your objective with advanced, modular and intuitive solution.

FreshPOS is a robust and fully-loaded system, designed to help Retailers and Wholesalers to manage end-to-end operational activities.


Solution Components

Order App

Intuitive and customizable design, dynamic features and functions with location based service offering makes it an ideal choice for your ecommerce business.

Store Front/Branch Portal

Manage point of sales for walk-in customers, fulfil pending orders and delivery, track payments and settlements, update local product price, reports...

Admin Backend Portal

Onboard and manage item master, manage branches, content management of order app (Banner, products, taxes ect), procurement, offers, coupons and more...

Packaging Agent App

A packing team’s backend application to process orders, track product availability, review and prepare orders for delivery and maintain packaging process.

Delivery Agent App

A delivery team app integrated with Card swipe machine to manage and deliver the orders on time, track the live location, update order status with OTP validation

Vendor Portal

Vendor / Partner interface to manage procurement requests, track item level sales logs, track settlements, manage product availability and generate periodic reports.

Procurement App

The procurement team’s ability to manage the purchase requests from multiple sources, track PO, track purchase related expenses and generate reports.

Features that takes you ahead of the race...

Item Master

Build to suite any type of product specifications.

Sales Management

Branch level sales management for flawless operation

Procurement Management

Dynamic procurement system to manage purchase process

Reporting Dashboard

Various reports to give you key insight on day/week/month.

Stock Management

Stock management that covers sales, wastage & purchases

Content Management

Manage app banners and click triggers to drive customers.

Payment Settlement

Customer pending payments, credits to wholesalers & CODs

Branch Management

Onboard new branch/franchise, manage products and sales.

Income and Expenses

Manage income and expense tracker for uptodate accounts.

IP Based Access Control

Enhance secured with IP based / user level restrictions.

Partnership Partnership

Order App - Key Features

A hybrid and fully customizable app for any types of product sales.

Fast & Secured Data Load

Data and Image assets are optimized and loads securedly from different services.

Order Placement

Sort, Filter and add items to cart, choose payment option and pay online.

Dynamic Flash Deals

Render product prices dynamically based on active offer champaign

Wallet Money

Cash refunds and rewards are loaded into the wallet cash for usage.

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Hybrid Architecture

An hybrid architecture that give you the flexibility to launch in any platforms.

Dynamic Banners

Render various banner of differenet sizes dynamically and location specific.

Loyalty and Reward Points

Earn points, track and redeem loyalty reward points into wallet cash.

Coupon Discounts

Apply customized coupon codes and redeem discounts during purchase.

Delivery App

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Packaging App

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