Analyse and fix PC performance and security issues.

PC Analyser SDK is a performance and virus removal scan and fix engine to integrate with your applications or create white ladled standalone app.

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Key Features

PC Usability

Scan the computer based on various usability metrics of the computer and enhance the overall usage experience.

PC Performance

Scan and fix pc performance improvement related features that covers hardware, network and software sections.

PC Security

Detect virus infections and perform security assessment of the computer to improve the overall security..

Technology Offering

Software Development Kit

We provide a well documented core scan and fix engine as SDK that can be integrated with your application. Our experts consistently enhance the features to help you fix new threats and issues.

White Labelled App

We support you to build the UI presentation layer based on your brand guidelines and also integration the tool with payment gateways. You can use the tool in your sales or support queues.

Support Team Portal

Additional to the core application, we also provide backend portal for support teams that includes advanced features to remotely manage the PC performance and provide remote support.

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