Voice of Customer

Capture customer insight to "Fill the gap" and “Close the loop” to grow your business.

AutomateBuddy’s Voice of Customer platform helps you gain customer insight from across omni-channels to deliver the “WOW” customer experience

We bring a fully customizable features and capabilities to help you manage the customer experience.

Voice of Customer Platform Capabilities

AutomateBuddy’s omni-channel Voice of Customer platform enables businesses to capture customer feedback across customer lifecycle journey using various technology solutions.

Robust Survey Forms

Designed to create dynamic surveys form, ratings and feedbacks to capture customer emotions.

Tokenaized and Secured

Create campaign specific secured survey links sent to customer via customized email and SMS

API Integration

Integrate with your internal application to Push and send surveys or generate links.

Digital Kiosk / Standees

Instantly capture customer feedback and visit experience through branded kiosk / digital standees.

Interactive Voice Survey

Conversational AI based automated survey calls to capture customer emotions and feedback.

Insight Dashboard

360° view of customer and employee experience to help you identify key area of opportunities across channels.

Speech to Text - Analytics

Analyse voice calls to extract emotions and feedback and turn them into actionable insight

Role based Access

Define access control and reporting based on different user groups to allow them to act on the feedback.

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