Industry Transformation

Banking and Financial Services

Rise in competition is leading to increased customer expectations that are driven by service benefits, reachability, employee productivity and easy access to key information.

AutomateBuddy brings best-in-class tailored solution for Banking and Financial Service industry to help and meet the demands of customer expectations, regulatory requirements, risk management, and answering to competition.

Taking personalized banking experience to the next level.

Intelligent and AI driven support system to let assigned RM’s solve queries of your most preferred customers and perform periodic risk assessments and profiling.

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Solution Offering

Banking Software

Respond to growing customer expectations with secured, modern UI and functionally rich online and mobile banking solution based on industry best practices.

Conversational AI

Get rid of basic IVR and switch to Conversational IVR and smartly respond to your customer queries using Natural Language Processing (NPL).

Banking CRM

Improve the banking operational efficiency by implementing tailored banking CRM solution to solve problems with productivity, high churn, low conversion and communication.

Loyalty Management

Improve customer stickiness and brand loyalty by implementing omni-channel customer loyalty management platform to make a rewarding customer experience.

Safe Deposit Locker

Fully digitize the bank safe deposit locker management process to improve access control, alert mechanism, secured access and authentication methods.

Intranet Portal

Implement employee intranet portal to improve communication across departments (internal / external) to facilitate information sharing and data management.

Generate qualified leads to sell your financial products & services.

Implement myToken system at Bank branches to manage the queue while generating leads to sell your Financial services.

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Workflow & Rule Builder

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Logging & Reporting

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