Case Study

Collections & Receivable

Overcoming audit, compliance & customer lifecycle challenges through Digital Transformation


One of the largest global Telco company's collections & receivables division was struggling to efficiently manage and track their collections process which was outsourced to 3rd party collection agencies. It was losing revenue as a result of collection agencies’ inability to follow the legal/compliance procedures.

Visibility to track 360º view of the customers / debtors lifecycle journey that are spread across multiple channels among all the outsourced collection agencies.

Data aggregation solution that can process all the data received from different cron job files and perform business rules (100+) to prevent agencies from submitting incomplete record into the system.

Prevent incomplete / inaccurate information entering into the system through daily cron job CRM extracts from all collection agencies.

Perform data audit on the daily activity files shared by the agencies and validate and run Audit / Compliance rules (50+) and score / rate them on various performance metrics.

Need for a CRM solution for client and agency managers, approvers and service reps to keep track of each collection cases, communicate between teams and manage requests and approvals.

Extracting desired data format was a challenge as each agency used their own internal CRM to capture the interactions between collection agent and debtor to store the details.

Over 20+ million customers in the collection that were part of the system (accumulated over a long period of time). Pre-loading these customer records that were spread among multiple agencies.

Without disturbing the existing collection management process and ecosystem, create the compliance audit application to improve the process efficiency and productivity.

Aggregate over 1 million of transactions that takes place among all the agencies (20+). Files are received overnight and the data should be processed and presented to the key stack-holders the next morning.

Make the system intuitive and user friendly, the challenge was that the majority of the client employees in all the departments were non-tech savvy 45+ years old ladies.

Developed a modern, advanced, robust and fully dynamic Compliance Audit and Regulatory Management system to streamline and improve the overall collection process.

Using scientific designing method, the backend solution architecture and front-end was designed to provide secured and controlled access to 360º view of key customer lifecycle information.

A dynamic rule builder for data aggregation with secured workflow management engine was developed to analyse data to capture data mismatches, predict point of success or failure.

A highly user-friendly design interface, light-weight and fast loading account activity pages to load the historical record of the debtor’s collection lifecycle data across all agencies.

Compliance Audit Rule Engine was built to perform through and end-to-end audit on all the records received from the agencies (chat logs, case log, account activity) to score the agencies under various metrics.

Over 20 terabytes of backdated collection data consolidated from all the agencies where transformed, encrypted and loaded into the new system for key stakeholders.

Developed an automated File and Data Validation tool to pick up PGP encrypted files of different formats that are sent on various SFTP folders are processed real-time and notified to key stakeholders.

Integration with multiple 3rd party system like LexisNexis for bankruptcy, Credit rating, IBM Connect Direct server for secured file sharing.

The compliance audit scores helped the client to identify agencies with negative compliance scoring and put into improvement plans or replace.

Proven improvement in employee productivity for managing queries, approving closure of collection cases, responding to special data request and other process efficiencies.

Client was able to control the incorrect distribution of the collection cases based on better account visibility, data validation process and compliance resulting in lowering law suits filed by debtors.

Better visibility of the overall account information due to end-to-end integration with key 3rd party services like LexisNexis, IBM Connect Direct and others.

Clients ability to flawlessly onboard newly acquired entity and its debtor database into the ecosystem to collection and receivable management.

Delivered a truly world-class solution which is; Highly Stable, Scalable to fit in new technology and portfolio, user-experience that make the non-tech savvy users fall in love with the system.

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