Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate competitive edge by transforming data into business insight

For most of the businesses, Data is still inaccessible – disparate systems, lack of modern infrastructure and inability to make use of data for better decision making.

AutomateBuddy’s Artificial Intelligence Consulting service helps data rich businesses to overcome information deficiency in the age of digital transformation. We help accelerate your business strategies by improving business processes and empowering the people who execute them.

Our Offering

Conversational AI

Get rid of basic IVR and switch to Conversational IVR and smartly respond to your customer queries using Natural Language Processing (NPL).

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Applied Intelligence

Coupled with Intelligent technology and Human factors to increase agility, accelerate growth and improve efficiency and bring in new revenue stream.

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Data Transformation

Consolidate and migrate dark data from old systems and turn them into a gold mine to harness the power of digital transformation to support your business.

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Robotic Automation

Improve process efficiency and productivity through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools, NLP (Natural language processing) and smart tools.

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Our Process


We start with critical thinking, assessment and information gathering.


Apply the learnings, define metrics, biuid the models and evaluate.


Train and Test the models, fine tune the outputs and mature.


Monitor the performance and impact, implement the changes and track.


Manage and optimize the solution. Bring continuous improvement.

In the real world, AutomateBuddy has solved problems with...

Customer Onboarding

Dynamic self-help tools that collect information, processes data based on business rules and assign to appropriate teams.

Data Compliance

Helping Telcos to govern compliance in their collection process to overcome incorrect collection followups

Payment Reminders

Clubed with voice bots, chatbots and demographic profilers to perform cognitive payment reminder and followups

Invoice Processing

Source invoice from a shared location, read mailbox OR OCR Scan images, Extract data, Crawl ERPs and report anomolies.

Data File Processing

Source different file formats, perform file and data level validation, accept / reject partial data, report errors and upload.

New Hire Onboarding

Process New Hire List, Create users on AD / Exchange, Assign Access Control, Randomize Password, Send SMS and track first time logins.

IT Support Automation

Middleware that tracks new service request, validate request, autom install or troubleshoot software issues and update the tickets.

Image Asset Processing

Auto capture product images from DSLR, identify and map with the right product, reorganize and manage the image lifecycle journey.

Our Solution Appraoch

Scalable & Reusable

Agility & Easy Integration

Workflow & Rule Builder

Intervention & Attention

Logging & Reporting

Notification & Alerts

Partner with us to take up any business challenge.

Get the mental and tactical agility to flex your muscles for digital, financial and process transformation through cutting-edge automation capabilities.