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AutomateBuddy’s Healthcare Digital and IT consulting service is designed to drive innovation for hospitals, clinics, chemist, medical transports, pharmas and pathology labs.

Healthcare organizations with razor-thin margins have benefited from our focused approach to reduce the cost and complexity of systems, improved staff engagement, enhanced quality of patient care while delivering exceptional digital experience.

Healthcare Offering

Receivable & Recovery Management Platform

AutomateBuddy partnered with iValuate has a proven track record for drastically improving financial recovery, operational efficiency and automate back-office processes and services using advanced technology solutions, BPO service and expert teams.

EMR / EHR and Patient Management

Customized digital platform for a paperless operation. Helping you improve patient experience with better patient management, secured and access controlled medical / clinical records, E-Prescription, E-Reports, Billing and internal request management.

myToken - Service Queue Management

myToken is simple and powerful queue management system that transforms the way you manage the daily customer appointments. Multi-branch, multi-lingual system clubbed with solutions like self-help kiosk, announcement system, admin panel, doctor panel and more.

Conversational AI - IVR / IVM System

Get rid of basic IVR and switch to Conversational IVR and smartly respond to your patient queries using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Make automated calls to inform customers of the service status, setup and remind on appointments and do much more…

Data Processing & Management

Source data different locations (scanned docs, database, emails, and files) to perform automated tasks, create end of day distribution file of different formats, perform file / data level validation, aggregation, updation and much more.

Custom Web / App Development

Combined with robust & agile software development framework, specialized teams and tools to strengthen the overall product strategy - Use of industry best practices for planning, prototyping and implementation.

Technology Enhancement

Existing product needs new complex technology enhancements, new modules and features to go beyond the standards or simply you need support to perform continuous improvements or deployment of Data Science and ML algorithms alike.

Implementing patient referral system for Pathology lab to generate new leads.

Doctor and chemist mobile app based patient referral system to generate leads for one of the largest Pathologist in India.

  • Real-time CRM for backend callcentre teams
  • Commission Calcualtion and Payout Logs
  • Dashboard based on various metrics
  • Integrated with Phlebotomist app for home visit
  • Google Map based reporting dashboard

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